Year 11 space


Are you:

  • In Year 10 or 11 and interested in Medicine or Dentistry? 

  • Not sure about what it takes to get into Medical School? 

  • Confused about where and how to start your preparation for applying for Medical School? 

  • Unsure about how much work you need to put in to get into the Medical or Dental course of your dreams? 

Entering the world of Medicine course outline:

  • An overview of the basic requirements for Medicine and Dentistry, specific to each of the Australian Universities

  • Introduction to UCAT and practice questions to each of the subsections

  • Early Exposure to what the Medical Interview process entails 

  • What to include in your application as some universities use an application as an additional criteria 

  • Practice Mini UCAT Test to give you a taste of the UCAT exam as it is nothing like any exam you will have done before

  • Mock Interview and Model Answers - many students do not sit their first interview until their University interview so we believe this will allow you to gain insight into the third and final state of the Medical and Dental Application process 

  • Guidance on what additional experience (i.e. work experience) you can start early to make your application stand out from the rest

  • Past successful students sharing their experience about applying for Medical and Dental School as well as any advice they have to offer

  • Opportunity to ask our senior directors any questions you may have about applying into Medicine or Dentistry.

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, DrMed is here for you. 

We have been in your shoes before and we understand how confusing it is and additionally how much commitment it takes to apply for Medicine and Dentistry.

DrMed's "Entering the world of Medicine" course specifically targets students who are not yet in Year 12 and are starting to developing an interest in applying to Medicine and Dentistry, exposing you to all that it takes to make your dream your reality.

We at DrMed strongly believe that it takes a calculated approach to get into Medicine and Dentistry and we are here to help you implement strategies that will guarantee you a position in the medical school of your choice. 

To express your interest in Entering the World of Medicine, APPLY NOW