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The Dr Med Biology curriculum focuses on 4 main themes that help students to develop a thorough understanding of the key biological concepts and topics necessary to excel in SACE.  The four themes our Year 12 Adelaide Biology tutors work with students on are: Macromolecules, Cells, Organisms & Ecosystems


Our specialised SACE Year 12 Biology tutors try to instil a problem solving mindset within our students to prepare them for the final end-of-year examinations. We also assist students in the design of their biological investigation issues topics and possess an areas of exemplars to provide inspiration.


Our specialised English tutors can support SACE English students with their assignments and creative writing skills. We have the expertise to help students identify their weaknesses and implement strategies to help them maximise their potential. Assignments can range from essays, movie reviews, narrative writing tasks and any other work they have been assigned to.


At Dr Med, we take pride in being able to tutor students of all abilities and at different stages of learning. This is why we tailor our support to the individual needs of students to help them excel and achieve the best possible academic outcomes.


Dr Med have a team of highly qualified Chemistry tutors who were among the highest-achieving SACE 12 Chemistry graduates for their respective years. Our tutors all share a passion and mindset that promotes excellence within all of our students. We believe in providing personalised programs that complement the current curriculum to help increase student understanding and confidence of various chemistry subject matters. 


We understand that Chemistry is one of the more rigorous subjects offered by SACE and subsequently it requires extensive conceptual understandings in order to excel in the subject. Our specialised Chemistry tutors take pride in assisting student’s of all capabilities, either through topic summaries, practice questions and general counselling for exams.


The Mathematics course is carefully constructed to encompass all the knowledge and skills required to solidify your learning in each of the core and extension topics covered in the SACE Mathematics in order to  decrease stress levels, increase confidence and improve your performance in school and in the final examination. 

Dr Med's classes are designed to help you reach the elite A and A+ scores allowing you to not only excel but also have the ultimate learning experience and the most in-depth preparation for your exams. Through our weekly sessions and by working with our highly qualified and extremely capable tutors, students will obtain a complete and detailed coverage of examinable materials as well as access to a bank of past and potential exam like questions to ensure you perform to your fullest potential.

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