Due to limited positions in our programs and in order to uphold a high level of student base, we conduct a Small Selection Exam that assesses basic knowledge and skills before admitting students into our classes.


This is so that we can ensure that we can focus our classes on advanced techniques in order to maximise student success. Not only will the exam allow our team at Dr.Med to see your current academic standing in the subject, but the feedback from the test will provide you with a starting point in beginning your learning. Student performance on the selection exam will dictate student selection and which class (Standard or Advanced) the student is put into. 


Complete the registration form in order to start your journey with DrMed and organise sitting the exam.

FAQ: Why is there a Selection Exam?

At Dr Med we pride ourselves in pushing students to their full potential by providing an academically stimulating and highly competitive environment. In order to be able to provide our students with more challenging than normal questions, we need to ensure that the student has the ability to cope with that. We use the Selection Exam to determine your current level and if you are eligible, we classify you into the appropriate class (Standard or Advanced) so that you are able to keep up with the pace.

FAQ: What does the Selection Exam include? 

The selection exam aims to provide students with their first exposure to the different styles of questions found in the exam for the subject they are undertaking. It also allows us to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to provide more personalised guidance. 

FAQ: Do I have to do the Selection Exam?

Yes, in order to uphold our high academic levels, it is essential that students demonstrate a high standard of performance on the academic exam.

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