Meeting Your Needs


Selective Admission

To ensure you learn with the best of the best, all students are to undertake a Selection Test before being given a spot in the program.

Advanced Secrets

Every tutoring company can teach you the basics, what sets us apart from the rest is our bank of advanced secrets from past full scoring students. 

Unlimited Resources

With a question bank of 5000+ questions, if you have the will to practice and learn, we have the resources to help you.

Competitive Spots

Be confident in knowing you are learning with the most outstanding students in the state as we only take a small group of selective students for our classes. 

Specialised Tutors

Our tutors undergo a 3 stage application process before being employed so be assured you are learning from the top in the state!


Results that speak Volumes

Evidence that our method of teaching works and is highly effective lies in our past students who have ranked highly competitively. 

Mathematics, English, Biology and Chemistry

Our diversified range of successful tutors have the experience and skills necessary to guide students through the aforementioned subjects. Here at Dr Med, we understand the expectations of the SACE curriculum and provide an insightful and interactive learning environment which assists students in maximising their grades.

Demonstrate Excellence.

DrMed’s UCAT Success Program consists of 10 small group sessions with our trained tutors who walk students through each of the 5 sections of the UCAT in detail - teaching them theory, tips and tricks for success in the exam. The program also includes multiple mini mock tests, a trial exam and detailed in person feedback to ensure students are able to demonstrate their best potential in the exam.

Stand Out.

In the final stage of entrance into medicine, ensure nothing is left to chance by enrolling in our interview preparation program. Our program consists of a series of 5 sessions that offer expert advice, tailored feedback, model answers and a mock interview. DrMed’s Interview Training Program ensures that students are prepared to stand out and succeed in their interview.

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All About Dr.Med

Fast, efficient, and honest, Dr.Med has become a reputable and well-known Tutoring Service. Our team is able to assist students of varying calibers because we possess the skill and experience to tailor learning programs for all. We want our students to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of our tuition series for both students and parents.

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